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October 26, 2009


I have spotted various animal species throughout my hood, the east village. Tigers and Gorillas mostly. I think this must be some new form of street art. Could these sightings possibly be related to this video ?


Compare & Despair

October 26, 2009
much love

The School of Visual Arts (where i teach), wants me to update my faculty profile for the launch of their new website. ugh. This means taking a look at my list of ‘clients, awards, publications, books’ all that professional stuff that ‘validate’ the ability of a designer. Looking at some of the faculty bios already posted i felt completely insecure. I thought about all of the professional accomplishments i’ve made in the past couple of years (that i’d forgotten about). For me, they are good (it took a full day of compare and despair for me to come to this conclusion). Design (and life) is not a competition. My goal is to just get better and never ever stop learning and growing. Pictured: My faculty profile picture for the new site. Thanks Emily for your cross stitch magic.