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There is a typographer working at Papaya Dog

November 25, 2009

At Papaya dog on 14th street and 1st Ave, Louis writes on food. He’s from the South Bronx and has 3 kids. When I asked him if he had an interest in graphic design, he simply said ‘I don’t know what you mean’. I told him i love his work.


November 24, 2009

Well hello there Mr. Hydrant! Whoever did this, thank you.
Spotted on 12th Street between Avenue A & B.

Obsessing Over Obsessing About Teaching Graphic Design

November 12, 2009

teaching GD

Teaching graphic design is something I love. I get to share my knowledge with other designers, get inspiration from them, be present (at least for the length of class), and feel like I’m making a difference (hopefully) in someone’s life.

As I suddenly find myself teaching five classes at two institutions (School of Visual Arts and Pratt), and freelancing, I am starting to obsess. Even more than before. My brain activity is filled with ideas for projects for classes. How to better assignments, set up flickr groups, create class blogs, find articles and books to read and recommend. This happens in the shower, during yoga, on the way to and from class, before I go to bed at night. On and on and on. Read the rest of this entry »


November 11, 2009

nodding out

I took a photo of these herion addicts nodding out on my east village block. I love the contrast between them and the heavily graffitied back drop.

Haiku Poetry

November 5, 2009

lovelyI love paintchips, the color names in particular. Who thinks these up? I want their job.  In my collecting i’ve discovered categories of names: emotional, edible, things, and then there’s miscellaneous (these are the best). Enjoy haiku from my latest collecting trip:

calm, fond memory,
forget me not, peace and happiness,
lazy sunday.

grandma’s sweater, fresh cut grass, little piggy, pool party,
hiking path, cupid’s dart,
fountain spout, baby chick.

homespun charm,
under the big top,
pennies from heaven.

icing on the cake, pumpkin mousse, marshmallow bunny, sweet taffy,
fruit shake, pink popsicle, vegetable patch, raisin torte,
melted ice cream.

– Benjamin Moore, Broadway @ Spring St, SoHo