Graphic Design Resolutions

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! It’s the time to make some resolutions, which I’m pretty good at following. In no particular order, here are some of mine.

1.  Be more organized with my digital files. Package InDesign projects when finished, delete old drafts, put folders on HD that aren’t used, get fonts in order.
2.  Pause. This means look over everything in detail before submitting to client and printer. Despite ‘rush’ jobs, deadlines, etc, don’t be sloppy. spell check and make sure photos are as good as they can be.
3.  Take risks. Do something exciting for your clients, and for yourself.
4.  Incorporate photography. I got a Nikon SLR 3000 for xmas and can’t wait to master it! Take photos instead of using vectors and type as image. Take photos for myself.
5.  Always have a personal project going on. Blog, photograph, use new york city as your canvas, collaborate with friends, experiment.
6.  Be harder on students. It’s easier to tell them their work is fine than it is to tell them how to make it better. Be the best teacher you can be.
7.  Take a photography class (see #4)
8.  Design a typeface. Start by taking a class. This is more of a 3 year goal.
9.  Write a book. This is more of a 5-year goal.
10.  Don’t take life too seriously. Have fun.

The 2010 font up top is history by Peter Bilak. It’s pretty amazing.

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