typeface love

February 13, 2010

Last year I sent out a digital valentine (top) to all my students. Later, one of my PRATT students, Emily Wilbur, gave me the most AWESOME gift (above). You probably get it that I love Helvetica. What typeface do you love?

One Response to “typeface love”

  1. Raz Marf Says:

    That’s a great play on the word! And the gift from your student is phenomenal. It looks perfect. The site you mentioned has some really cool stuff – in particular the “helbotica” post really blew my mind. (You can find it here http://www.lovehelvetica.com/beautiful-helvetica-inspired-artworks-1) I love that kind of manipulation. As for my favorite typeface, definitely American Typewriter and other typewriter-like typefaces.

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