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i am on ed benguiat’s jock

April 26, 2010

I love typography and have always been a fan of Ed Benguiat. He has crafted over 600 typefaces including Tiffany, Bookman, Panache, Edwardian Script, and the self-titled typefaces Benguiat and Benguiat Gothic.  He’s a legend, a hall of famer. Today i had the opportunity to hang out with him. At the student portfolio review, professors were divided into groups, and guess who was in my group? Yes!

I didn’t want to approach him like a groupie so i simply told him how nice it is to to meet him. He made a joke (that i can’t remember, something about ex-wives). He told me stories. We compared notes on what a beautiful thing type is and how obsessive one can get with it. He told me on his ride over to the art director’s club that morning (in his limo), he was taking pictures with his phone of type on buildings. AMAZING. He still has the passion for the craft.

I feel so lucky to live in New York and have access to graphic design legends. What a warm, wonderful man.